In-situ, Always-on Physiological Monitoring

David developed this smartglasses platform with his colleague Patrick Chwalek as part of a summer manufacturing workshop in Shenzhen, China. These glasses serve as an easy and reliable platform to measure physiology in the real world. We designed it to be a tool for researchers, a means to understand attention and engagement, and a scalable means to control responsive ecosystems. It captures under-studied signals in daily life-- blink behavior, head motion, nose and temple temperature, and can track user location and head pose.

This work is published in IMWUT 2022. See the brief presentation about the platform below:

David has designed an interaction with the LEDs in the peripheral vision of the Captivates platform to test how deeply engaged users are in their primary task; this interaction slowly changes the color from blue to green so slowly that is hard to notice unless you're paying attention. This work has been published in IMX 2022. See the one minute presentation below to learn more about the interaction:

Below are some images that quickly explain the interaction and some initial data collected showing how it works.